George Xydas: Cutting-Edge Strategies in Clinical Longevity and Personalised Medicine

George Xydas: Cutting-Edge Strategies in Clinical Longevity and Personalised Medicine

  • Вторник, 27 февраля 2024 11:54
  • In this interview, George Xydas, founder of the Swissmed Health in Limassol, shares insights into his pioneering approach to longevity and personalised medicine. Opened last December, the clinic stands out in the European region for its unique focus on early detection, prevention, and treatment of aging-related issues. Delving into their holistic methodology, Xydas discusses the clinic’s comprehensive diagnostics, collaboration with leading labs, and a team of experts dedicated to personalized care. Swissmed Health’s approach is not just about treating diseases but enhancing life quality and extending health-span through advanced medical interventions.

    Let’s discuss your new longevity clinic, a first of its kind in Cyprus, opened in Limassol last December. This clinic represents a shift in medical science from treating diseases to early detection and prevention, doesn’t it?

    Indeed, we’re not just pioneering in Cyprus but also in the broader European region. Similar centers are in Germany, Switzerland, and the US, but ours is unique in the Mediterranean.

    Our approach differs from traditional medicine, which usually diagnoses diseases based on symptoms. We focus on the underlying causes, taking a holistic view of the body. We personalize treatments for each patient, offering tailored medical interventions.

    Could you elaborate on how you identify potential health issues? Is there a comprehensive body checkup involved?

    Our process begins with advanced diagnostics, collaborating with leading labs in the US and Switzerland. We conduct thorough evaluations covering brain, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal health, genetic makeup, and environmental factors. This comprehensive analysis gives us a detailed health map for each individual. Based on these findings, we develop a personalized medical plan tailored to the patient’s unique genetic profile.

    Who are the experts interpreting the results of your diagnostics?

    Our team includes four full-time licensed medical doctors, each specialized in a different field, yet retrained to view patients holistically. We also collaborate with global medical leaders, providing insights for unique cases and conditions.

    Could you describe the clinic’s role in Limassol and how it compares to international counterparts? What inspired this concept?

    Our clinic’s concept is twofold. For 25 years, we’ve treated complex conditions, and in the last three years, we’ve closely followed global longevity research, focusing on slowing, stopping, or reversing aging. We noticed a gap in clinical longevity implementation within the European Union, as there are no clinics specializing in this area with medical interventions.

    Comparatively, we could be likened to certain clinics in Switzerland providing mostly lifestyle treatments. However, while they focus on nutrition, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle, we delve deeper, incorporating these aspects but also engaging in direct medical interventions. We address the pillars of aging, offering a more comprehensive approach to longevity.

    What are the seven pillars of aging?

    The seven pillars of aging start with genetics, our DNA. The second is epigenetics, how environmental factors such as toxic substances affect us. Thirdly, we consider inflammation. The fourth pillar is mitochondria, essential for energy. Fifth comes cell regeneration, closely tied to stem cell therapies. The sixth is senescent cell apoptosis. Our body sheds cells daily, but not all are efficiently removed. These lingering senescent cells can lead to various conditions, including cancer. Lastly, the seventh pillar is telomere extensions. Telomeres, located at chromosome ends, shorten as we age. These seven pillars collectively encapsulate the key aspects of aging. Of course, as research on aging reversal continues, new studies are published frequently on new reasons for aging and potential ways to decelerate the process, emerge.

    How can we address aging? After diagnosis, do you work on slowing down the aging process?

    Absolutely. Our approach to life extension starts with addressing diagnosed or undiagnosed conditions, with or without symptoms. Initially, we focus on resolving present issues. Following this, we guide our patients on a path towards long-term longevity, aiming to live a healthier life today, and decelerating the aging process.

    We utilise specialized diagnostics to monitor the aging process. Biological clocks assess biological age irrespective of chronological age. Post-treatment, we reevaluate to see if the biological age has been reduced.

    People often view such diagnostics and tests as expensive. Do you offer any packages for newcomers?

    Indeed, we provide various packages, including comprehensive health assessments, personalized to each person, typically divided into core and enhanced categories based on personal goals. For longevity treatments, we offer a membership program for ongoing care. This memberships include doctor consultations, starting from monthly, to unlimited visits, deep detoxification programs, performance enhancement and options for diagnostics conducted once, twice, or three times a year.

    What would be your flagship treatment? What would be really something that people will talk about immediately as soon as they visit the clinic?

    Our Lifespan treatments that focus on proactive cognitive decline and performance enhancement. Research highlights the importance of early intervention in cognitive impairment prevention From age 35 onwards, individuals should consider preventive protocols for cognitive health.

    Performance enhancement varies per individual, encompassing sports, life, and hormonal health, including sexual health. Our cognitive health protocol and performance treatment plans are key elements in promoting longevity and lifespan. For health-span, we address conditions prevalent among our patients, such as autoimmune diseases, cancer, and other complex conditions.

    What else do you want to mention in addressing the expat community of Cyprus?

    There is a centre in Cyprus that brings Swiss personalized medicine to the forefront. Our treatments consider the body as a whole, rather than focusing on specific symptoms or generalised health approaches. We offer personalized medical services tailored to help individuals maintain their health, live longer, and improve their quality of life. Our goal is to ensure holistic well-being for a healthier, extended life.


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